Saturday, September 12, 2009

Randall Cobb, Football Player

So yeah, I enjoy a little grid action around here, too.

And like most followers of Kentucky athletics, I came away fairly impressed by UK's 42-0 win over Miami (OH) in the season opener last weekend. Mike Hartline showed improvement, and the promise that perhaps he could get outside of that "just manage the game" box that he had seemingly been placed in. The defense? Well, it's pretty hard to find too many flaws in a shutout.

But what I loved most about the victory had to be the performance of Randall Cobb. The Alcoa, TN product was seemingly everywhere and always a threat to score when the Cats had the ball.

Mr. Cobb of course spent quite a bit of time under center last season, but looks to be logging all of his reps at receiver this fall. His speed, good hands, and savvy return moves should be keeping Steve Kragthorpe sleepless this week. (Cobb also returns kicks.)

Heck, Cobb's parents even had enough of a sense of humor to name him after a 70's actor and boxing legend. Jokes, people.

Cobb is listed as 5'11" and 188, but he plays awfully big. He caught a pretty (so pretty) 27-yard TD toss from Hartline to start the Cats rolling, and also ran for an 11-yard score on a direct snap from center vs. the RedHawks. The dreaded sophomore slump phenomenon must not apply to this young man. He looks like a game-breaker.

Football of course is a game of specialists, but Cobb has already demonstrated quite a wide set of skills in his brief Kentucky football career. I certainly look forward to seeing more of him this fall.

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